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In parallel with work meetings, or as stand-alone events, the team building and motivation concept offered by Nautic Events are total moments of relaxation in unique locations. By means of games and sport, participants are encouraged to demonstrate team spirit, willingness and a sense of solidarity: all qualities which business seek to develop in their staff.


With the Dragon Boats, your participants will share an exhilerating experience in a traditional Chinese nautic sport. Dating back to over 2000 years, the Dragon Boat sport is a tribute to the legendary Poet Qu Yuan. The loss of this great figure is commemorated every year in a race that embodies mythical symbols and a tribute to the great men of the sea.
Beginners or experiences rowers are grouped into teams of 16 and position themselves in their boat adorned with emblematic dragon head. Regardless of the athletic level of each participant, the exercice unites them to perform in a consolidated spirit !
As the sound of the drums heighten, the pace of each team increases and the oars of the Dragon Boats cut through the water like arrows ! Fellow colleagues cheer from the shores as they await their chance to pr
ove their skills.

The Dragon's Regata is an excellent event in
which the magic of team-spirit prevails !

seminaires france
Approximately from 2 hours to 4 hours
Sample program
70 participants
6 teams


Duration 30 minutes


Making teams of 11 people or 1 drummer & 10 paddlers - Nominating the Captain of the Team - Giving a name & device of the team

Organiser gives individual insurance & check health and swimming aptitudes (wrotten declaration)

Organiser gives advices & informations about the best way to handle the boat and manager your team in a good "Team Spirit".



Duration 60 minutes

1st Elimination series

Chrono qualification for finals :
Boats are managed by professionnal & nautical specialists on board.Your team proceed to the departure - don't forget the life jacket and concentration. You listen carefully to the drummer.
Once starts is done, you coordinate to the others in a good spirit and listen carefully the advices. You go for it with the whole team.
Then, other teams proceed to the boats. You check the time you have done and discuss the team the best way to challenge the next steps.


Duration 60 minutes

2nd Elimination series

Chrono qualification for finals
All teams can be compared. It is time for your team to check his ranking and how to improve your position. Now, you can decide other race strategy (departure and finish, rythem of the drum ethen position on board, ...). Things are going faster at this step because your team is better coordinate after the first race. You can go faster now ...

After the 2nd race, you may wait all results to see which final would be yours.


Duration 60 minutes

Final Races
Grand Final and classification finals
You know your position and everything goes again. Teams will face the real & final challenge, because you compite with teams close to your qualification time.
Coordination of the team is really improved now. Our advice is : don't change the position on board, just thing about strategy and think 17 team members is like only 1 individual but together !


Duration 15 minutes

Awards Ceremony


Team Building

Solution des bateaux Dragon

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